Saturday , June 19 2021

Nadia Dorofeeva changed the look radically

Nadia Dorofeeva changed the look radicallyThe singer has become blonde.

Popular Ukrainian singer soloist of the group Time and glass Nadia Dorofeeva tried unusual hair. She published the corresponding photo on her Instagram page, reports with a reference to a clutch.

The image shows Nadia Dorofeeva with blonde hair. Her new unusual picture filled the light makeup, which emphasized the expression of her eyes, ring earrings and black sweat.

"Why not?" (Why not? – – Ed.), – – signed photographer.

The followers of Nadya Dorofeyeva liked the artist's new image, they bombed her with complications and offered seriously to consider blonde.

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"Now I am calling an ambulance … It will be a heart attack", "Unreal", "Very, straight eyes become even more brilliant with this hair," "It seems that Elsa from the Ice Cream", "It's fine in any scene, "" Nagy, did not you think Did you ever dye your hair blonde? You're so … directly wow, it would be cool "," Nadia, very cool, emotional, "" Well, you're beauty in any color, "" Very old, and you're beautiful and so, " – – says in the comments under the photo.

Nadia Dorofeeva changed the look radically

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