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Near Kiev, the director of a famous Ukrainian singer has been severely beaten (photo) – social news

Man left the city.

Man suddenly began to hit / photograph by Pietro Izzo by Flickr

Man suddenly began to hit / photograph by Pietro Izzo by Flickr

Alexander was attacked on Wednesday, January 23. Man left the city, in Borispol. This writes TSN.

"They tried to summon him in a personal gathering before a week. According to the pretext of a concert to which they want to invite Olya to speak. At that time, Sasha was a holiday in the Carpathians and was not physically able to attend the speeches. He was constantly in contact and asked to meet as soon as he returned to Kiev. The girl telephoned herself as a furniture company manager, asked to leave the city to Borispol, "told us representative of Oli Tsibulskaya.

Instead of Alexander asked to get out of the car and without a reason, he suddenly began to strike.

"Without questions and explanations, two great men attacked the director of Oli, brutally beaten alternately for 15 minutes. After they let him go blank and exactly the same, they were silent disappeared," the singer's press service shared.

Alexander was able to somehow get to the car and call an ambulance. The man was taken to the hospital and paid first aid.

"In the name of Alexander, a statement was written to the police station of the Boryspil. For more than a day, the director of Tsibulskaya left injuries and shock, the team expected the police to respond to the incident. , added the representative of Tsibulskaya.

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The press service notes that neither Oli Tsibulskaya nor her director have ever had conflicts or disputes that could trigger this event.

"We have never been a way to anyone and have been completely surprised at what happened. If we are not able to pay attention to it now, every artist in the Ukrainian show is a danger. We must clearly understand what people are what they want and whether they will stop something to achieve their criminal purpose, "say the Tsibulskoy press service.

The director Oli Tsibulsky himself is not a public person, so he does not want to give names. However, I decided to publish this story to protect Olya personally and to warn other artists of the real danger.

"I do not only for myself or for Sasha, who has taken place with this story, I am sure that people who do not do wrong and work honestly, must calmly walk the streets and not worry about their lives," said Olya himself Tsibulskaya .

Press Oli Tsibulskaya Service

Press Oli Tsibulskaya Service

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