Thursday , June 17 2021

Steve Wozniak: I've sold all my bits at top prices

Apple Founder Steve Wozniak said at the Stockholm Conference of the Nordic Business Forum that he sold all the bits at a price, because "he was tired of hypocrisy around the industry." This is reported by Business Insider Nordic.

According to him, "for an experiment" he obtained a certain amount of criptability at a price of about $ 700.

"My purpose was to go to places like Stockholm and visit restaurants and hotels that only accept BTC. I wanted to use only Bitcoin traveling."– Wozniak explained the reason for buying cripta.

Later, according to the publication, Apple's world founder sold all his "digital gold" at elevations near the historical maximum of around $ 20,000.

"When he [биткоин] shot, I said I did not want to be one of those who constantly keep listening to numbers and constantly worry about it. I do not want such worries in my life. One of the components of my happiness is the absence of jealousy. That's why I sold them, just removing them. "– Wozniak added.

Previously, Steve Wozniak talked about how fraudulent people robbed seven Bitcoins from him.

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