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A 10-year-old schoolgirl tried to commit suicide after being "victimized"

A 10-year-old girl tried to commit suicide on the day before her birthday, because she was a victim of the school, according to her mother's wreckage.

Brown moved her daughter Lily-Gould to the Royal Reutershire Hospital on Monday night when the girl refused to eat and then took tablets.

Mother of Three told the news of Werster: "My daughter is fighting for her life because of bullying."

Lilly started in Wheaton High School, Droitsch, in September, and a few weeks later he noticed that her mother was not herself, and was marked.

In a desperate attempt to warn other parents about the dangers of bullying, Mom's photos of Lilly-Jo at the hospital on Facebook.

Drs., 27, from Drottix, Werks, injured Lilly's school and said they had not offered her daughter the right support – something they deny.

She said: "I knew Lily was not right on Monday, because she did not eat and looked really withdrawn after school.

Lily-G began at Wheaton High School, Droitsch. in September

"I sat her down and she admitted she took some pills, I took her to the doctor and he said we had to go straight to the hospital.

"I thought my daughter was going to die.

"I'm working on my daughter to be pesky but nothing is done about it.

"No one wants to help at all.

"We will not send her back to school, it's not worth the risk.

"The doctor said that if we leave her in two weeks, she'll be dead, I'm not going to bury my child.

"My daughter is fighting for her life because of bullying.

"She went down the slope, did not eat, much tireder than she used to.

"We are turning to the doctors, and she admits that they are immediately being harassed.

"You never expect to see your daughter on her tenth birthday in hospital after a suicide attempt, it's heartbreaking."

Gillie said that Lilly-J shows the symptoms of hepatitis on Monday and added: "I thought my daughter was about to die."

In one, S., who has two other children, said she was confronted with the parents of a girl who has a billy-lilly Jo but they laughed at her.

She said: "She is [the bully] She pulled her hair, pushed it, snatched Lili-gou, and closed a door of a cell on Lili's head, stamped on her leg when she was broken-the list was endless.

"I have to fight with Lily to bring her to school now, she's afraid to go back there.

"The day after Lily was overheated, I went to the parents of the girl who harassed her and showed them her pictures in the hospital.

"I wanted to show them the influence of their daughter's words, but they just laughed at me and cursed me.

"I told the school that Lily was harassing her, but they did not do anything to help either.

Lili-Geldakut, 10, was in the hospital on her birthday in a photograph taken by her stunned mother

"I feel that Lily gave in by the school that they did not take seriously."

Jess also posted an earlier video of Lilly shedding her heart on being bullies in school and her attempts to tell her teachers at Wheaton High School, in Droitwich.

In an eight-minute video, Lilly-Jones says, "There's a kid in school who's been bothering me since I was in Wheaton.

"It got worse and worse and she pulled my PE hair and stamped on my leg, I was crying and she laughed.

"Then she stared at me in the changing rooms and called me fat.

"She saw me eating two glasses, a drink and a grain of turkey, that's all I had.

"I'm afraid she'll call me fat.

"Every time I try to tell school, I told the deputy director on Wednesday morning, we would spend the whole morning, until 12.35 pm There is a meeting to get the truth out of her but she denied it all.

"She sent text messages to my friend and now they are not talking to me – they have a picture of me falling yellow bench and I cry.

"She said that if I did not leave school she would continue to harass me until I was angry.

"I do not want to kill myself."

In a letter to the director, Kathleen S. Crossley, last week, Gets described how her daughter "fell all the time" by other students since she started school.

"She pulled her hair, pushed it, snatched Lili-G and closed the locker on Lili's head, stamped on her leg when she was broken-the list was endless.

"I have to fight with Lily to bring her to school, with her crying, her screaming and her illness," the letter went on.

"I'm working on my daughter to be pesky but nothing is done about it."

Lily is currently in stable condition at the Royal Reutershire Hospital and is receiving counseling from mental health experts.

Catharus Crosley, principal of Wheaton High School, told Worcester News: "We have learned of these allegations and have taken immediate action following the policies and procedures of the relevant schools.

"Face-to-face meetings were organized with myself, our deputy director and chairman with the mixed families and the families also worked with our support worker."

She added: "Our thoughts go to Lily and her family during this difficult time."

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