Sunday , May 22 2022

Dan Biggar evokes Welsh legend JJ Williams during a live television interview following criticism


Out-of-the-way Wales Dan Biggar has summoned legend JJ Williams during a live television interview following Wales' 13-6 victory over England.

Biggar produced an outstanding showing to take the man of the match award just days after Williams claimed he was acquired by the team and claimed that Wales had no hope of winning the World Cup with Biggar in the 10 jersey.

And the player countered just moments after the final whistle during an interview with Channel Four, notably saying, "Special thanks to JJ Williams for all his comments last week," before sarcastically adding: "It was really encouraging and supportive for the team."

He added: "We probably haven't made enough progress last week and it was a huge effort today. We are happy to get the win, it was just a huge defensive effort. We are really pleased to cross the line as we have done so many times before.

"The breakthroughs were brilliant. Going forward as we did and maintaining a world club team like England is really special."

Legend Williams released feathers in an initial article in the Telegraph last week before doubling his point of view Jarrod Evans should now be selected ahead of Biggar following Gareth Anscombe's injury during an interview with the BBC.

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He said: "If we start with Biggar, we will go back to where we were 12 months ago and we don't want that.

"You know what you will achieve with Biggar. He will take you so far, but you will not win the World Cup with him.

"He can go on for the last half hour if needed, but I would eliminate Jarrod. We tried to develop our game with Anscombe, but Jarrod has to be the way forward."

Wales' victory saw them become the number one ranked team in the world. You can read full details here.

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