Monday , June 21 2021

How do you suck your baby sucker? Mom's saliva may be a shield

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By Erica Edwards

The latest research on allergy prevention in children will either reassure parents or completely gross them out.

Finding: sucking on your baby pacifier to clean it may be little Olivia or Milo will be less likely to develop allergies.

"The bacteria that a child is exposed to in infancy can affect the way their immune system develops," said Dr. Eliane Abu-Gouda, an allergy and immunologist at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, leading the new study. Helpful bacteria can come from the mouth of a mother.

Abu Odeh and his colleagues followed 128 new mothers for a year and a half after the birth and asked them from time to time how they cleaned their baby suckers.

Of the 74 babies who used them, most washed them by hand; 41 percent took it a step further by sterilizing the instruments. But just 12 percent simply poppedy into their mouths to clear them.

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