Wednesday , January 27 2021

The Warrington and Hamilton schools expand my private treatments

WARRINGTON and Halton Hospitals NHS Trust Foundation is set to increase the number of procedures it offers to patients in private.

The selection scheme of my trust was launched back in 2013, but "cheap, self-service pay" is now extended.

New treatments offered to patients who have been rejected for NHS procedures include hip and knee replacement, cataracts and tonsillectomy, and breast extensions and reductions.

The activity will take place at Warrington Hospital, Halton Hospital and the Cheshire and Merseyside Treatment Center.

Warrington and Halton Hospitals said the service would provide "convenient and convenient access" to health for patients, creating additional income for trust through its disposable capacity.

CEO Mel Pickup said: "We have seen many changes in the NHS over the last five years and commissioners are challenged more than ever to ensure that they invest scarce resources in the most efficient manner.

"The procedures of clinical low priority do not mean low value to our patients, and we are pleased to be able to make a large number available at a truly affordable price at their local hospital by our highly trusted NHS staff.

"My choice is by the NHS, for the NHS."

Patients who pay for their treatments will not receive special rights to join the same waiting list as NHS patients.

The "significant" expansion of the program includes procedures that are no longer available in the NHS, and an additional option for patients classified as "low clinical priority" by representatives in the "part" of the cost of private providers.

Private treatments are priced between £ 1,072 and £ 8,447.

Patients will continue to refer their family doctor to undergo procedures under my choice.

A complete list of treatments is available under my choice and their costs:

Consultations – £ 180

Removal of adenoids – £ 1,931

Ear pin – £ 2,331

Income of grommets – £ 1,646

Urinary incontinence – 2,292 pounds

Rhinoplasty – £ 2,767

Removal of hemorrhoids skin tags – 1,319 pounds

Surgical treatment of hernias without symptoms – 2,541 pounds

Expansion and itching – £ 1,187

Eyelid surgery – £ 1,878

Removal of the lesion in the eyelid – £ 1,276

Cataract surgery – £ 1,624

Removal of eyelid cyst – £ 1,276

Circumcision – £ 2,000

Elimination of male sterilization – £ 2,303

Surgery for Prostatism – £ 2,297

Breast reduction – £ 3,720

Breast Enlargement – £ 3,720

Removal of silicone breast implants – 2,164 pounds

Removing and replacing silicone breast implants – 3,720 pounds

Chest lift – £ 3,720

Surgical surgery of nipple reversal – £ 1,387

Hair removal treatments – £ 1,048

Combined treatment of radio inflammation in the clinic for the treatment of back pain – 1,526 pounds

Internal facial injection – £ 1,358

Epidural injection – £ 1,072

Trigger finger analysis – £ 1,777

Contract Dupuytren – £ 1,805

Knee replacement surgery – £ 7,179

Update knee replacement surgery – £ 8,447

Arthroscopy of the knee – 2,479 pounds

The knee arthroscopic washout and removal of loose debris – £ 1,352

Hip replacement surgery – £ 7,060

Update hip replacement surgery – £ 8,447

Hip regeneration – £ 7,060

Hip Arthroscopy – £ 2,843

Carpal tunnel syndrome – £ 1,577

Removal of ganglion cysts – £ 1,777

Wart removal and treatment – £ 1,904

Morton Neuroma Resection – 2,160 lbs

The following treatments are also offered on My Choice, but patients should contact Trust for more information:

Removal of minor skin lesions

Lipoma Removal

Surgical treatments for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding

Surgical surgery of scars

Joint merger

Joint steroid injections

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