An elevator inside the former Hancock Building of Chicago went down 84 floors before trapping six people inside, local news reports. Rescuers arrived shortly after the fall early Friday morning to cut a hole in the building wall and release them inside.

The accident took place in Building 875 North Michigan, formerly known as the Hancock Center and the fourth highest building in town, Reported the Chicago Tribune. Guests entered the elevator after leaving the building's signature room – a bar with stunning views of the city center from the 95th floor – before breaking at least one cable that held the car.

A sudden "Kollek Clack" suddenly sounded, said passenger Jamie Montemayor, 50, to the Tribune before the dust began to penetrate the car. On the ship they screamed, prayed and cried, the newspaper reported.

"I believed we were going to die," said Montemayor, who traveled from Mexico to CBS Chicago.

The firefighters arrived to rescue it, and eventually found the car near the 11th floor and cut an opening in a concrete wall, the station reported. Those inside were drawn to safety, leaving hanging cables by the excellent door of the elevator.

The entire process lasted almost three hours.

"It was a pretty risky situation where we had the cables that were broken and were on top of the elevator," said Chicago's head of considerations, Patrick Maloney, for ABC 7 Chicago.

"We could not rescue the elevator, we had to break a wall on the 11th floor of the parking garage to open the elevator doors."

No one has saved the required hospitalization, noted CBS Chicago, and visitors to the tower on Friday were using freight elevators to reach its top.

The failed elevator on Friday was last checked in July, the station reported, one of the 22,000 elevators of the city surveyed each year.

The reason for the downfall of the elevator – a failing rope "failed," said one of the department's senior officials for city buildings in the Tribune – remained under investigation on Monday, according to the paper.

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