HANDS – A day after four family members were assassinated in this upscale pastor town of 10,000, residents and neighbors tried to conspire with the thought that such a brutal crime could occur here.

The killed family includes Keith and Jennifer Caneiro, and their two young children, according to a legal source. Jennifer Caneiro and her two children were found within the $ 1.5 million palace at Willow Brook Road. Her husband, Keith, was found shotgun outside the home, by a source. Their bodies were discovered after authorities responded to massive fireflaming at home.

On Wednesday morning, the smell of fire fell into neighbors in the near Evergreen Lane. The emergency response vehicles of the County were at Willow Brook Road's scene, and tens of firemen stood outside the white home – its windows whipped from the suspected fire that consumed the building the previous day.

Inna Volshte's house in Evergreen Lane is outside the Caneiros property. Mardon, the day of the fire, Wethein said that her farmers talked her husband on fire at the home of the Caners. Her husband went to the home of the Canaries and found the door open. In the interior, he saw a body face down on the floor, she said. He then called 911, Betshein said.

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"They are our neighbors and friends," she said about the Caneiros. Jennifer Caneiro was beautiful and always smiling, Wethein said.

Waughter's daughter went to the school with the children of Caneiro and was younger than Caneiro's daughter, who was about 8. They celebrated birthdays together and deceived or treated the others' homes, she said.

But on Tuesday morning, the children of the Caners did not wait for the school bus, according to Wet.

Their absence, she said sadly, "it was strange".

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Mary Pahira, owner of the Colts Collar General Chamber, prepares sandwiches to bring firemen at the scene of the Willow Brook Road. Pahira is a member of Lady Aid's Help of the Colored Cave Department. (Photo: Steph Solis)

11:30 a.m. Five local businesses and the Salvation Army donated food to firemen who respond to the tragic palace flag turned murder investigation.

Mary Pahira, owner of the Colts Neck General Store, received the call for the fire early on Tuesday afternoon. She left a friend who was a fireman and thought about.

"I started making sandwiches," said Pahira, a member of the assistants.

Voluntary fighters fought down the sandwiches after Pahira arrived. The team tried to eat, but other auxiliary members and neighbors began to co-ordinate with local businesses to send more food.

Colts Neck Footer donated garlic knives and peas. The Pico de Orlando donated many pies. Perkins brought soup and hamburger hairs. The local Dublin Donuts donated coffee, gifts and warm water and the Salvation Army passed hot dogs and coconut sandwiches.

Many warriors who left work to respond to the Colored fire, returned to the scene on Wednesday morning or a plan to return in the afternoon.

Pahira returned in the kitchen at the General Shop, making them sandwiches while employees took the orders from customers.

"They are another family, all of them, the ladies and the children," Pahira said, "You just do what you can help."


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