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NASA Asteroid Strike ADVERTISEMENT: Earth Growth Strikes THREEFOLD & # 39; Science News

ERATH is bombed by potentially apocalyptic asteroid strikes, the NASA data has been revealed. Deep space is a dangerous place, with deadly radiation doses, ice temperatures and imaginable pressures. And even the Earth is not completely immune from extraterrestrial danger because exceptional circumstances see our planet bombs on the spatial rock.

Now released data from the US space agency NASA revealed that the asteroid effective rate really increased.

It's a bit like rising tide; You have many materials that have come out of the asteroid zone at one point

Dr. Gernon of the University of Southampton

Although extremely rare, asteroids are hitting the possibility of spraying the planet.

In only a geological eye-catching eye, most of Earth's life, including the dinosaurs, has passed about 66 million years ago.

The cause of this mass extinguishing event – known as the K-T effect – was most likely to be a massive asteroid effect.

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land strike

Asteroid strike: Space rocks swing our planet three times more often (Image: Getty)

Module of Buzz Aldrin Lunar Apollo 11

Apollo 11: Some of the research data used Apollo specimens (Image: Getty)

And researchers now believe that asteroids shake themselves in the Earth almost almost three times, as when the dinosaurios rode the world.

One of the scientists involved in the study exclusively explained how they calculated the collision.

Dr. Gernon, Associate Professor of Earth Science at the University of Southampton, said: "The Moon is our nearest neighbor, so we reach the same population of asteroids.

"That's why it provides a good achievement of effects, because it is unlike Earth that is affected by erosion and plate tectonics that defile effective craters.

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"We could use the samples collected by NASA astronauts during the Apollo missions to date some craters.

"And we could use this data card to calibrate a new technique of dating craters using measures taken on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter."

The idea is that collision of collisions produces many large rocks and more than billions of annual scales these rocks break after being bombarded by many micro-meteorites.

And in addition they warm up on a day and cooled at night, emphasizing the rock and breaking them.

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strike of dinosaur asteroids

Asteroid strike: The K-T effect most likely to kill the dinosaurs (Image: Getty)

NASA WARNING asteroid strike

Asteroids hit: The asteroid zone is found between Mars and Jupiter (Image: Getty)

This allowed researchers to discover a link between rocky and age.

Dr. Gernon explains how the asteroid zone of our Solar System is the most likely explanation that the triple strike increases the earth and its moon.

He said: "In the asteroid belt, which is compatible between Mars and Jupiter, some of these space rocks sometimes hit.

"The breakdown of one or more asteroids may be able to generate many fragments that can waste Earth over time.

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"During this time, these rocks are bombarded by sunlight and there is a process that re-emits this energy, and basically gives these fragments a small cord that can then be sent on a collided road to Earth.

"It's a bit like rising tide; you have a lot of material coming out of the asteroid belt at one point."

However, Dr. Gernon is embarrassed, how rare Earth-apocalyptic effect is even if the probability is doubled or even tripled, saying: "It is not necessary for people to worry about this increased flow.

"We say great asteroid effects – more than 1 km across – every one of every 3-5 million years ago over 90 million years, up to 1-2 million years."

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Asteroid strike of the NASA

Asteroid strike: NASA has a dedicated monitoring program near Earth Objects (Image: Getty)

And even though that represents an increase, asteroids are accidental events, so it does not mean that Earth is overcoming another collision.

And additionally, NASA has a dedicated program for monitoring Earth Earth Objects (NEOs).

All space sheep, which are likely to be accidental to the ground, are monitored and there is a US defense department working with NASA, which is observing effective risks.

Dr. Gernon from the University of Southampton believes that we can learn a lot about the Earth looking at the Moon.

He said: "We can all see those posts on the Moon, and it's just fascinating to look at them and think that we can exploit the data collected to talk to our understanding of how our Earth has influenced these events over time" .

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