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Viggo Mortensen apologizes for using N-Word

Viggo Mortensen apologizes for using the n-word after the screening of his new film Green Book.

The 60-year-old actor was on questions and answers to a potential Oscars contestant on racism and separation issues on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, alongside his collar, Maharshala Ali.

In a statement to people, Mortensen apologized for his choice of words, saying: "Last night I attended a Q & A session led by Elvis Mitchell following a screening of Green Book Los Angeles. In making the point that many people commonly used in the word & quot; At the time the film takes place, in 1962, I used the full word. "

former Lord of the Rings The actor made it clear that "although I meant to speak strongly against racism, I have no right even to imagine the harm caused by hearing a word in any context, especially from a white person."

Mortensen also said he did not "use the word privately or publicly."

"I'm very sorry I used the full word last night, and I will not lose it again," he said.

Green Book In need of a song and bodyguard, Shirley hires Tony Lipp, played by Mortensen, while the two deal with racism and separation in the Deep South.

Viggo Mortensen and the question about me in the Green Book

Viggo Mortensen and the question about me Green Book

Patty Perry / Universal

Mortensen said he took on the role of lip service to bring awareness of racial issues that divided the United States.

"One of the reasons I got the challenge of working on Peter Farley's film Green Book Was to expose ignorance and prejudices in the hope that our film story might help change the views and feelings of nations about racial issues, "the actor explained.

"It's a beautiful and deep film story that I'm very proud to be part of," he added.

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One of the audience members at the screening chirped on the event, writes, "was screened at #Greenbok– The film is awesome, but Q & A after Vigo Mortensen just dropped N word and oxygen immediately left the room. #Movies.

Mortensen's comments come after the Netflix manager was dismissed for using the word during a company meeting, according to the report Hollywood.

Megyn Kelly also apologized last month to the question of whether wearing blackface on Halloween was racist. The comments led to the cancellation of her show and her lawyer stated that they and NBC were still negotiating for her exit following the scandal.

Green Book Opened on November 16.

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