Wednesday , October 5 2022

Chris Sale makes history and destroys Pedro Martinez's record


Chris Sale of the Red Sox has become the pit in the history of the MLB which soon reached the 2,000 strikesbreaking down the brand previous one, that belonged to the great one Pedro Martinez

Maybe you don't have your best year with the Red Soxbut still Chris Sale remains one of the most timid pits the MLB and historical, which we will definitely see at the time the Hall of Fame.

Outside, with two strikes against the Indians (keep him alive here), he reached the 2,000 mark today, becoming the folder who needed fewer tickets for it.

1,626 against 1,771.1 of the legendary ones Pedro Martinez, which will also launch at some point in his career Important links with the Red Socks and to this day the fastest launcher has reached the record.

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