Saturday , June 19 2021

Daniela Bascopé gave birth to her son Santiago on Friday

Then Win an aggressive cancer that threatened your lymph system and whose medical prognosis assured her that she could not conceive children, the actress and singer Daniela Bacopé gave birth to his son on Friday Santiago, a fruit of his love with the actor as well, Iván Tamayo.

The couple shared the first picture with her baby on social networks, announcing that "the miracle came" and that Santiago had already arrived.

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In 2018, Bascopé shared video through the "La Bomba" program, from the Televen channel, in which she informed her husband Iván Tamayo and she was in the sweet wait.

"Do you remember that doctors for many years have told me that for so much chemistry and osteoral transplant I could not have children?" The happy mother asked seconds before announcing she was pregnant.

"Beautiful miracle" (Beautiful miracle) It was the nickname whereby the beautiful couple described their little while they were on the way to their lives. Together they share their joy as a sign of hope and faith in life, Panorama said.

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