Saturday , June 19 2021

Darnell and Sto left the beautiful cave

The rest of the rest of Leon's importation will be known this afternoon

Caracas.- After all the misfortunes caused in the bosom of the Lions of Caracas for the accomplishment of the second game of the final series in the Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez de Barquisimeto, during his return to the capital, several imported players left the cave, before the waves of conflicts betrayed in the capital of the country during the current week.

According to information provided by social media by the journalist Andriw Sánchez, at least the US jars Logan Darnell and Craig Stem they would return to North America today, and other outsiders would simultaneously define their status with the team before the third collision for the championship, scheduled for at night at the University Stadium.

Darnell He opened the first of the series in Barquisimeto and left with the low on his back, while Stem, which stood out of the hill as a diversifier of several, has already begun to show signs of tiredness.

Lara brought her security

In the afternoon of yesterday, the Cardinals of Lara moved to Caracas to play at night the third game of the final against the Lion; With reinforced security before the known ones of violence that live in several zones. The players arrived at the capital with a special security ring, according to sources near the twilight, and it will be with them during the three days planned for the action.

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