Tuesday , January 26 2021

Fanny Ottati, Hans Silva and Jose Andres Padron are the new animators of Miss Venezuela

Fanny Otatti, Henri Silva and Jose Andres Fedrono will be the official animators of the big night of the Miss Venezuela competition, which will be broadcast on Thursday, December 13, at 19:00, by Venevisión, reported yesterday by La Colina channel in Portada Morning magazine, Ruiz, who has been presenting the competition for seven years, has announced its decision to withdraw.

"This scenario gave me growth, valuable learning and challenges," wrote Royce in his InStagram account.
Miss Venezuela 2002, and the first Miss Universe finalist, thanked the Vanunion for the "support and opportunities" they had given him over the past 16 years. "Everyone has taken upon me a commitment and total enthusiasm," wrote the young soap opera hero

For the second time, Henri Silva puts forward the challenge of giving life to the most beautiful night of Venezuelan television, promising that it is "an opportunity to reconfirm when I first made the commitment. I said good and I came, and after that night the dream was to stay with the knowledge that this was my second chance Against the leadership of Miss Venezuela, he confirmed that the night was magical. "

Otteet, meanwhile, said: "This experience I will live in full, one, because it is the dream of every cheerleader to be in Miss Venezuela, two, because I have to share the stage with wonderful people I know, who are my friends and brother."

"I think I enjoy it on December 13, assuming that with what I have achieved, it is not easy to wear the shoes of Gilberto Correa, Daniel Sarcos, Leonardo Villobos and now it depends on Henris Silva, Andres Padrono and Fanny Ottatti." Said José Andres Padron.

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