Friday , August 12 2022

Gheorghe Hagi: "Sharing equipment with Lionel Messi would be very easy"


The former Romanian player was released after hearing about the star of the Barcelona Football Club.

Gheorghe Hagi He was one of the few players who had the opportunity to represent the Real Madrid and at Soccer club Barcelona. The talented Romanian wore the colors of the Merengue for two seasons, while doing the same when wearing the blue boxer shirt. In a lengthy interview with Radio Villa Trinidad's Super Sport, the former midfielder analyzed the entity's presence on a spoon.

First, Gica explained that she prefers Lionel messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. "I choose Leo. I would love to be your coach, but I admit that I choose Messi because I have a slight weakness for which he is a left-handed person. I myself was a left-handed footballer, so it is explained, ha. is my style. I also choose Maradona and Kempes, "he acknowledged.

Then the Maradona of the Carpathians he referred to the news of the team he commands Ernesto Valverde. "Football has become more global and more open, unlike our era where Barça employed fewer figures, but for me you never have to throw out the academy and quarry, because you have to produce people at home, people close to your shield, that they know better. inside your dressing room you must have at least 50% of players in your club in order not to lose identity. I have 70% of players in my academy in my club. Out of twenty-five players, fifteen are from my club and we won La Liga. This is called identity. Barcelona should never leave it because the home player knows the concept of the club. Especially when you have a way of playing and playing philosophy. The easiest is to take it from your home because they know everything. philosophy, ”he said.

Asked what role he would play if he played in the Barcelona, Gica It was dull. "I would be an attacker. Any position. An attacking player. I never liked defending. Sharing equipment with Messi would be very easy. With Messi football it is easier. It is easier for everyone: players and coaches," he said. that when it passed through the Catalan complex, it conquered the Spanish Super Cup.

Given that the fans of the presidential entity Josep Maria Bartomeu is obsessed with raising the UEFA Champions League, George He pointed to those who do not value the team's achievements: "If you win something during a year of competition, it is very important. Of course winning the Champions League is very important and it is always Barcelona's main goal, but to win the League when you having Real Madrid as a rival is very important. It's about mentality when you win something that you feel is important. Barcelona gets a title every year and is doing well. You have to be there in the playoffs, the semifinals, well. You can't always win. "

On the other hand, Hagi talked about chance Neymar go back to The League of Spain. "It would be good on every team in the world. He is a very good player, he is top notch, he can play anywhere. Who signs Neymar signs top player. Although now it is not very good. good and sometimes not, as it is a little awkward now, but nothing happens. The value of the player is the same. With Neymar Real Madrid can win easier. There is no doubt. Real Madrid if you sign Neymar, plus Hazard, again will win the Champions League. Then Zidane will have to find the place for everyone. The best thing can happen to a coach, you just have to find the motivation, "he stressed.

Finally, the former footballer pronounced River plate and Boca Juniorswhile he also dedicated a few words to Daniele De Rossi. "They're very important clubs. Everybody in the world wants to come to Argentina. I've never been to Argentina, but I'd like to be on vacation there and watch a game between Mouth and River. I like Rossi as a player. He's very good, smart. Defensive pivot, good touches and excellent experience. His best version is as the only wheel in front of the defense. He played in Rome, a team always hot, like Mouth, "he closed.

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