Wednesday , October 5 2022

He took the life of his newborn baby because he didn't want it


An infanticide in Caracas was explained by Cicpc, a police officer who arrested the boy's mother.

Commissioner Douglas Rico said in his networks: "Following the discovery of a male fetus in the Quebrada Honda sector, officials from the Central Homicide Investigation Axis began investigating and questioning residents of the sector who said they had seen French. Ana Victoria García Rodríguez (19), in gestation, but as the days go by, they realize she suddenly appeared without the baby. "

The pregnancy is about 40 weeks.

Once the information was known, the hounds went to question the young woman, who said she was induced to work because she did not want the baby and that her mother Ana Belinda García Rodríguez (56) helped her do the job.

The women used scissors as a means of extracting the baby; "So when they grabbed both of them, it was collected."
The document testing was performed on the child's body, resulting in the baby born alive.

The detainees were ordered to the 55th Prosecutor's Office of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Caracas Metropolitan area.

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