Monday , August 2 2021

Isabel II makes an invitation to Meghan's mother

London, Great Britain

God duchess of Sussex She will not be surrounded only by her political family on her first Christmas as part of the British monarchy.

According to the information that Daily Mail has access to, Queen Elizabeth II has been invited to the Megan's mother To join the traditional celebration of the Royal House at Sandringham House with respect to the status of the wife of Prince Henry – who expects the first child next spring – and the fact that in the future Mom can not see too often your loved ones since you moved to England.

Despite the controversy around Merkel Especially the duchess's father, the truth is that Doria Regland made a great impression on the public with her natural elegance, both at her royal wedding in May and when she accompanied her daughter and son-in-law. The first official act of the first as a hero to present the recipe book together: our community book. His participation in the Christmas celebrations will be an unprecedented break in the protocol.

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