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Kitchen-rich plants

Proteins are a vital nutrition we need to take every day. In our body they carry different amino acids that favor muscular growth and recovery. Although it is very important in all human beings, athletes demand them larger to improve their performance. In the case of people who are regulated by vegan or vegetarian diet, the search of proteins becomes complicated and may seem to be exasperative to cure.

It is true that vegetables are not a great source of protein, but some have a very interesting contribution. Then we will show you the plant foods with the highest protein intake.

What benefits do we find in vegetal proteins?

  • They do not provide cholesterol, because this is found in food from an animal of origin. So they also help keep right levels and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.
  • They are easy to digest and usually do not have digestive problems.
  • They have low fat content.
  • They have amino acids for regeneration and muscular growth.
  • They do not have milk.

How do you get a complete protein?

The problem that we can find in diets with only vegetables is that these foods do not have complete proteins. So we have to combine them to get all the essential amino acids for the organism. These incomplete sources of these amino acids are called "limitation". There are some families of vegetable proteins that contain some amino acids in smaller amounts, so a combination with those who have a better contribution needs a complete protein.

For example:

  • Cereals. Low in tryptophan, smooth and triple.
  • Nuts and seeds. Low in isoleucin and smooth.
  • Vegetables. Low in isoleucin and metionine.
  • Legumes Low in tryptophan and metionino.

The combination among them will make us all the essential amino acids in the exact amount.

Plant foods with a good dose of proteins

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I am and tofu

They are one of the richer foods in vegetable protein. For every 100 grams we can find about 37 grams of proteins, except for very hard saturated fat. Both are very consumed in vegetarian diets and there are many recipes to give another touch to your dishes. For example, you can make fabrics or stews with textile soap.


Without a doubt, they are the plant based on the highest protein content. Both lentils and chicks, soybeans, peas, peanuts or beans have low fat content and have a high quality carbon dioxide. In addition, its fiber contribution is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system.


At present we can enjoy food hard to find a few years ago. In a cup of cooked quinoa we can find about 18 grams of vegetable proteins. This pseudo-cereal has an interesting nutritional content of vitamins, minerals, hydrates and a good amount of amino acids. It's a great option for those days when we're looking for an alternative to rice.


It can be one of the most basic foods in history. It does not contain cholesterol or sodium, provides high quality protein and is complex and easily digest hydrated. Its integral version is most recommended, because it provides 40% more protein than its refined version. If you want to take a plate with a complete protein, try to combine it with a little vegetable.


This cereal is great for its high fiber content, so we will be satisfied for longer. In half a cup of sharpened grains we found about 13 grams of protein.

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