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Live in exile and feel like a chip

January 26, 2019 01:15 AM

The theater is a place where wonderful works, extraordinary lives and incredible events are taking place; but it is also a space for reality, for complex and real issues that prevent private companies or individuals. This is the case Cockroaches A work directed by Jeizer Ruiz, who participates in the V Festival of Youth Directors Trasnocho.

Ruiz is a 21-year-old student studying letters at the Central University of Venezuela. At the age of 7 he began to study and make a theater. Since the second edition of the festival, he sent proposals for works, but -he laughs- "the fourth time was over." He considers this project a challenge, especially for his age, but he supposes it with much maturity.Cockroaches It was released on January 25 and will remain in the Cultural program Trasnocho until February 3.

The work tells the story of three Venezuelan immigrants who come to New York in search of a better life. Walter is a transvestite, who accepts his reality with a resignation because he is suffering from a sick terminal; John and Billy are brothers and integrate the Venezuelan Chinchorro band, but they want to return to their country and meet with their family. The relationship between them is tense, they live in a cocktail infested base, they have little money and winter influence their quality of life. However, the situation gets worse when Billy decides to call a radio program to denounce John as an illegal immigrant.

"I wanted to try this show because I am very influential in the issue of exile and violence. This proposal, dramatically, is very reliable because it shows the situation of three immigrants, but already in the country, not in the transition to leave or everything, what the immigrant lives when he leaves, but the situation he lives once he finds out of his land, "said the director.

For Ruiz it was clear that the content he wanted to portray in his work was the departure to another country, a subject still valid today. Ruiz carried out an exhaustive search of "exile works" and received text from the Ecuadorian dramatist Cristian Cortez, called Cockroaches. Immediately, he knew he had to work in this booklet for the 5th Contest of Youth Directors of Cultural Trasnocho.

"I found the leaflet, I searched for the text online, but it was not available. Then I contacted the writer on Facebook and that same night he sent me the script. For the work I changed the word Ecuador for Venezuela, the songs that accompany the dramatization and certain words to our family language such as chamo, corduroy or friend. For the rest, it's exactly the same as he wrote it, "said Ruiz.

"Today I decide the cast," the director offered one day after a very tough projection: Ricardo Lira, Ignacio Marchena and Leandro Campos are the protagonists of the work. The cost lasted two months to materialize, among the attempts, the assembly and the search of scenes that Ruiz says, "was a shock", because the situation in the country is making it difficult to get the necessary elements to represent a New York blonde in Winter

The emotionality was not surprised by the director: "I knew what I will face, because of the situation in Venezuela, but also because of everything that is happening to people in any situation. Within the work, it appears that we must learn to decide between a shoe or a chip. The touching theme of the work is not the subject of immigration, but the situations that the characters live. "

In the piece there is a constant use of allegorical signs to the title; One of the brothers says: "There is no day when I wake up in this country and I do not feel like an insect like a chip," in the cellar is an invasion of these insects, Walter makes an imitation of the Mexican actress María Félix ( protagonist of the film The chip). And in addition, the United States was called a radio program Cockroaches who was in charge of receiving illegal immigrants' complaints.

"In the crisis it is the biggest production of one as an artist. A thousand things are coming out, but this is already: I ​​have a plan B. We have a commitment as artists with the country that are essential for me," said Jeizer Ruiz, who added: "I think the reception of the spectator will flow, because it is a work of absolute honesty and the theme that moves very much. The work is full of images that will definitely connect with the viewer, do you have people outside the country. It's a human issue that the public is going to capture. "

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