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Local representatives of Caracas have rejected an increase in landfill

November 22, 2018 01:15 AM

More than 50 neighbors and councilors from the 5 municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​Caracas were concentrated yesterday at the gates of Cotécnica, a company in charge of transferring capital waste to the Liquidation, in rejection of the 11,000% increase in tariffs concept of that work that they described as "excessive growth". No group of the company received the group.

The protesters denounced that the Government of the Capital did not want to consult the residents of Caracas on these measures. "We want the reasoning ratio, because it can not be: we are suffering from macro-valuation, except this increase and the collapse of the country can not be expressed in the citizen's pocket," said Maribel Ferrer, a network representative of Baruta Najbaraj Organizations.

Gorka Carnevalli, coordinator of the Hatillano Forum, regretted the attitude of the employees of the company in response to users. "They turned off the light and closed the door just for social control. How can the service run between 1,100 and 1,800 Soviet Bolivars, when the minimum wage and the pension are 1,800?", He said.

Carlos Julio Rojas, coordinator of the Front of Defense in the North of Caracas, stated that Cotécnica demanded for a single apartment up to 900 sovereign Bolivars and in one house the amount reaches 2,000 companies, cancels figures of up to 10,000 Soviet Bolivars. "This is a armed robbery executed by this company to which the concession was assigned without any type of offer".

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