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Prince Royce and Mark Anthony, the Bronx Brotherhood

Photo courtesy of Satus Media

City of Mexico.

Loyalty in the Bronx is absolute. Prince Royce and Mark Antony are originally from the New York neighborhood where Hip Hop was born, where Latinos came to settle years ago and where the streets form geniuses of music, as in the case. They reflect two different worlds, the first coming from the bachata and the other, curled on the bones.

They hooked up Equipment, The presenter that says for the first time that JLo's former enters the genre of the other.

We have several years of friends and can bring him to his first kite, while he sings better than ever. Seeing him hugging the yacht made me remember other classmates like Shakira and Manet. Artists who are not part of the musical style, but who did it for the first time and loved it.

There were many nights of listening to music, of passing and passing songs and making several encounters that ended in sensational collaboration. I'm coming to make songs like The nail (Along with Maluma) and Becky G (Bobalo). They were moments of walking from here to there, because for me music has no genre, "he said on the phone.

Only Prince Royce said people should not be surprised if there are gusts of urban music that is started in the group singing regegeton. Then he fell in love with the bazaar and the rest was history.

Equipment Tells the story and deals with a conversation between the two artists: The Prince thanks Mark for the women's obsession.

Excelsior He asked Prince, 29, if he was addicted to anything, although he took it literally.

That's what has to do with it: a man is tied to a pair of ties, nightclubs, nightlife and women. Personally I have a very open personality, which allows me not to be concerned about things and people.

Thank God, I do not take drugs or have problems with alcohol, although I take it, but not with total dependence, only occasionally, "he said.

five Is the last album of Prince, but it can be completed soon, since the singer has to remember to return in 2019 completely restructured with a show in which he can visit Mexico City, which is his last way to share the stage with the fire.

We live in a totally universal world, where I can record a bachata record or where I can enter reggaeton, pop or mariachi music as I did with Unconditionally, From my disc Step B & # 39;. It's clear that the yacht is a catch that catches my heart, but it makes me happy to go to the field of Ballyween or Bud Bunny, "he said.

The only presentation that Prince Royce has in Mexico this last stretch of 2018 is on 24 November at Foro Sol, where he stands at the poster of the AXA 2018 concert, co-starring with Gloria Trevi and Papa Aguilar, among others.

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