Monday , January 18 2021

Sixto Rein and Record CD for the second time

For the success achieved with the song "Tapita Borrá", in Venezuela and much of Latin America, Sixto Rein is back with the Illegales group with whom he plays his second song called "Fortunate".

The "original boy," as Sikuntu Raine is known, presented this song on all Venezuelan radio stations and their digital platforms.

"When I finished my promotion campaign in the Dominican Republic, I met Vladimir (the lead singer of Illegalas), we showed him the subject and he loved it a lot, we do not hesitate to write it," Sixto commented.

"Of course, the song promises to stand out in music channels in Latin America, and it is located in the various stations of the Dominican Republic," said Angel Sanchez, the artist's promoter.


"Fortunate" was written by the artist himself, while the production was by Unger Villamizar. The video of this subject was directed by Nael and Justin, registered between Caracas and the Dominican Republic.

"This is a motivational video, a gratitude to all the good things life gives us and shows us another perspective where nothing material matters, but family, health and gratitude to God for the blessing he gives us every day," he confirmed.

With this promotion, Sixto Rin continues to take strong and strong steps to internationalize it. Therefore, after visiting Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru, the "original boy" does not stop promoting his album "OMG".

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