Tuesday , May 11 2021

The Perez brothers took over the evening in Monterey in everything and controversy!

The return of Fighting in America A Monterey It started with the dynamite promised since the incredible evening was officially announced. Initial battles did not ask for anything for the star card, which saw Goito. Perez … *

Of the first six battles with Monterey representatives, only two, the clash between the undisputed feelings of mixed martial arts in Mexico, Daniel Zelahover, And the local Izar Salvador, and "The Korean Gangster Wen Seak Park before José & # 39; El Pistolero & # 39; Madrano, Brought defeats.

Jair & Loupe & # 39; Perez and "The merry boy" Perez, Both brothers of the Goyito, Allan Canetto God Ivan Hernandez Flores, All born in Monterey, managed to emerge victorious in their struggles.

Miro & Chocolat & amp; Remo, Who had to resign a day before 20% of his bag on not giving the weight, stopped the Spanish La Nina & amp; Irene Cabello Rivera With a unanimous decision. After the battle Rivera expressed his anger at the lack of professionalism of his opponent, since he noted that "professional fighter is no more to climb to hit, you need months of preparation."

Then came the time of the common test. Responsible for opening the evening in Monterey, the second of the "Battle of America" ​​this year in the same city Jose & Frogi Estrada, From California, and Levi & # 39; s Black & Marroquin, the place.

The first attack did not have a clear dominance of the actions, however, the "frog" Estrada was a little more active and did better to fill the eye of the judges.

In the second round, they both waited, perhaps because of fatigue or fear of being evacuated. The most relevant was the supposedly low blow of the Mexican.

The third party belonged to a Mexican who managed to knock down his opponent on the right. However, Estrada survived the standing battle, but it did not reach him A unanimous decision That the judges were awarded to Levi Marroquín.

After a few hours of waiting, the night finally came. Eric & Goito Perez Before one of the best fighters in Colombia, Andre & Dubel Ayala &, Who delayed his commitment to the cage before another opponent to deal with the Mexican sense of mixed martial arts.

From the bell, "Guito" controlled his best boxing, threw his distance and punished Ayala's body and face. To regiomontano round was enough for him to finish the fight, after gaining back his opponent until the Colombian decided he did not want more.

But the surprise of the night was given by him to Goyito. Pérez after his conqueror victory, as he promised that Was to withdraw from the Américas fighting If you have not fulfilled your promise to fight for a title.

To close the big evening in Monterey, Ricardo & Loko & Arreola It is measured in Saúl Cabrera In three rounds in the category of 155 pounds.

Both caused the displeasure of the Regentonani fans, for it was a great struggle, perhaps too much for the taste of those present. The most radical was Arreola's right hand in the second round.

The boss filled the Gymnasio Nuevo Leon Independencia in the final round. In the end it was the Loko. Arreola took A split decision.

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