Thursday , June 17 2021

Do not let the bank violate the law

Speaking in the conference hall on the Tax Administration Law (Revised) at the National Assembly session on November 15, Deputy Pham Thi Thu Trang, deputy head of delegation in Ngai Quang County, suggested that the Drafting Committee consider the considerations set forth in Article 2 of Article 27 on the provision of bank account details To the tax administrator.

According to the representative of Trang, the Research Committee should consider the regulation that commercial banks provide account information of taxpayers opened in banks to government agencies, including: account number, account number, along with the tax code of the taxpayer. At the same time, the information provided by taxpayers as required, including transaction information through the account, the balance of account of the taxpayers referred to in Article 2 paragraph 27.

The representatives said that the above regulations are not appropriate because the request to ensure the confidentiality of customer information is the principle of confidential information of banks in accordance with the law on credit institutions.The credit institutions and branches of foreign banks may not disclose information relating to deposit accounts, deposit assets, transactions of customers in credit institutions Or branches of foreign banks to enterprises and other persons, unless required by the competent state authorities in accordance with the law and approved by the customer.

Therefore, there is a need for harmony between the two provisions so as not to affect the reputation and operation of the bank, to prevent abuse in the request for information to the bank violates the law.

"I propose that the drafting committee should clearly study the cases of providing information, the authority to request information and especially strict regulations on the deduction of money in the account to pay taxes to ensure the rights and legitimate interests of citizens' property.

Meanwhile the delegation representative Bui Thi Queenh Thoh in Ha Ha Tinh said that over the past time commercial banks has provided information on corporate accounts, tax persons and tax authorities when asked. However, in practice, a person can have multiple accounts, if not well controlled, these accounts may result in tax losses and banks with competitive tendencies, to ensure that the individual often customers do not provide all the information on the client account to the tax authorities. Therefore, the delegates proposed that the authorities at all levels and branches should be directed and co-operated to support tax agencies to utilize the revenues to the state budget in the highest possible way.

On this issue, Finance Minister Dian Tian Dung said that the current law also regulates and according to the sample law of the International Monetary Fund, as well as the OECD countries recommended that we have a sanction to ensure appropriate and special. We are in the process of developing e-commerce as well as cross-border trade.

"The bank is the rate of offshore payment, no management. I do not say that the economy, our internal economy is still a cash economy.There are many problems to consider this treatment is very difficult to identify the responsibility of relevant factors, including banks," said the minister.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly, Phong Quoc Yin said that the remarks of the representatives and explanation of the Minister of Finance are fully reflected, and the Standing Committee of the National Assembly to direct, study and complete the bill, and then send the deputies of the National Assembly on their minds, Complete and submit them to the National Assembly for discussion and decision at the seventh meeting.

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