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Forcing people to kill the 7-colored beach to take off the scene

Saturday, January 26, 2019, 21:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Regarding people who plotted a land near a 7-colored stone beach in Binh Thanh community, the District Popular Committee made a written record.

On the afternoon of January 26, Mr. Huynh Van Dien, President of the Tuy Phong Popular District Committee (Binh Thuan), said that this was a home level on the country that received a certified registration of land . "However, the level process, this home spilled sandy ground from its terrestrial border and covered a section of a 7-colored rocky beach. We asked this house to be responsible for removing the sandy soil that filled the rocky beach," said Mr. Dien.

Given a stone of 7 colors to clean the scene - 1

The 7-colored stone beach and the rocky waterfalls, the place where many photographers in the country come to write when the moss season comes.

As an OLP.VN inserted, the Binh Thanh community community, Tuy-Phong District, had previously recorded a local home business registry that raised the sandy ground as a land for business to fill a 7-color rocky beach section. unique there.

It is known that the area, which this property is in the meantime, is located in the 7-colored stone beach and stone stone, the place where many photographers in the country are going to write when the moss comes. However, much sandy soil filled a long section of beautiful 7-colored rocky beaches, the waves of huge amounts of sand mentioned above the site look ugly and very bad.

Exiting the 7 colored stones to remove the scene - 2

Forcing people to take 7 colored stones to clean the scene - 3

The website-level filled a section of a 7-colored rocky beach.

Binh Thanh's 7-colored beach is more than one kilometer long along the sea, which is considered a unique rocky beach in Vietnam. But with the bad administration turned this potential into obsession of visitors. The shops are mixed, dirty, rubbish everywhere and the smooth, colored stones are strong.

Many local people are concerned to say that the person who has rented a bulldozer and excavator is Mr. C. to enable the surface of the area of ​​5,000m2 for many days but have not seen local authorities to control and take measures to prevent a block.

A real damage to the ancient Sa Pa rocky beach was removed from the

The Sa Pa-district administrative board has claimed that there are no stone slabs in the ancient Sa Pa stone stone removed from the template, signed …

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