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Hanoi through a scene of the old residence to store memories of childhood. Travel Discovery

Hanoi is noisy, crowded but has a quaint quiet corner. Small things, expensive but old but making beer more beautiful.

Hanoi through a scene of the old residence to store memories of childhood

Winter is coming, Hanoi is cold, suddenly I remember the day the capital still sunshine. I especially like the old things and the old town on this modern, vibrant day. The old collective house, which has faded paintings, time traces walls, narrow corner corner called "Tiger cage" … attractive to my strange lens.

Squares and densities no longer appear in Hanoi. One day, this old building will be downgraded, replaced by newer and more modern buildings. You can only miss the shadow of Hanoi through the photographs.

Grandpa's tables and chairs, often seen in the 80s and 90s, now live in some old houses that preserve the old way of life, or old cafes. .

Those who catch up with Hanoi will be compensated when remembered in the iron door frame dust, filled with childhood memories.

Although the old bedroom was built in a non-architectural style, and was renovated and rebuilt, still of a very nice nature, very Hanoi. The roofs of blue, red, alternating between gold and moss wall stick, offers the people of Hanoi the distant house to remember the old house once an adult.

Despite the limited space, the residence has a warm and familiar look. An old balcony corner in the memory of many people, where every afternoon the mothers sit talking, children jumping, a cheerful laugh.

Someone who was not born and raised in Hanoi like me, but has been connected to this country for a long time, also feels every corner here is familiar. The street is in a strange corner, a new place in Hanoi, though it has never been set, but I still feel safe during the visit.

Hanoi's old corner is a fascinating place for robots, where there's no love by young people, the inspiration of social networking sites written about love, life …

One thing I'm impressed at the residence is the terrace planted in trees. From the white sponge bushes, the trees climbing the iron rods, the big leaves sticking to the window … I make Hanoi feel loud, the hummah also has a silvery green corner, a strange peace.

The old people, as in today's homes, are the home of many parents' memories, to commemorate the childhood memories of young people.

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