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Hot 24 hours: capturing arrest arrested by 455 gold

Saturday, January 26, 2019, 20:05 PM (GMT + 7)

The lack of pregnant women with 7 months of cruel death after collision with trucks and images of thousands of turbulent fans in Hanoi welcomes the Vietnamese team … attracted a lot of attention on January 26.

The youth has stolen 455 gold in 6 years has been processed

On January 26, the Criminal Department (PC02) – Quang Nam Police Department said the agency had the decision to process the case, to prosecute the defendant and stopped 4 months for Nguyen Duc Tuan (SN 1991, resident in Chau Trung- street, Cam Nam Guard, Hoi city, province of Quang-Namo) to explore "theft of property".

Hot 24 hours: capturing captured youngsters thieves 455 gold - 1

Tuan was processed and stopped.

According to PC02, at this point, the police determined from 2012 to 2018, Tuan had stolen at least 455 golds at the gold shop, which the accused worked in the city of Hoi An. An investigation agency decided that Tuan used the salesman's trust and removal, so he stole gold every day.

"Tuan was entrusted with the gold shop owner to take care of the gold shop. Every morning, Tuan provides a golden exhibition, will come in the afternoon, so Tuan has the possibility of stealing property," PC02 leaders shared and said earlier that the functional force brought Tuan to reality. Crime scene test

Pregnant women with double pregnancies 7 months of compassionate death after colliding with trucks

At noon on January 25, in the Chieu market (Tam Diep city, Ninh-Binh Province), it was a tragic accident that caused a woman who was pregnant to have binoculars.

Hot 24 hours: capturing captured youngsters thieves 455 gold - 2

The scene of a tragic accident caused a woman who was pregnant to have twin embarrassments on the site.

According to the initial information, then, trucks carried the IC 35C 061.17 to transport construction materials on Highway 1A. When arriving at the market-afternoon, the truck hit with motorcycles carrying BKS 18E1 – 176.92 controlled by a pregnant woman.

The strong effect caused the pregnant woman to fall off the road, rolled out of the wheel, dead on the site. Victim called D. (SN 1992, Truc Ninh district, Nam Dinh Province), married at Tam Diep city.

It is more courageous to know that Mrs. D. is pregnant with two children, and the binoculars will be born in March 2019.

Thousands of red tinters, Hanoi fans, welcome the Vietnamese team

According to the announcement of Vietnam's Football Soccer Federation (VFF), VN0614-special Vietnam Airport brought coach Park Hang-seo and his coach to Noi Bai Airport at 14.15 on January 26. On arrival, the Vietnamese team received warm welcome from the fans.

Hot 24 hours: capturing detained youth thieves 455 gold - 3

The Vietnamese team warmly welcomed when they arrived at Noi Bai airport. (Photo: Tien Phong)

Previously, after crossing the Jordan into the quarterfinals, large banks decided to have a form of practical motivation for the team with more than 4 billion VND. On January 26, many other units will announce the decision to pay money for recruiting Vietnam.

With this result, if it can be in the highest 16th Asia in the FIFA rankings in April 2019, Park Hang-lecturers and students will rise to a number of 2-seamless groups. This will be a great advantage for Vietnam to go. far in World Cup qualifiers. Even so, we can fulfill the dream of joining the world football festival in Qatar over the next 3 years.

The president of the community in Thanh Hoa must resign because 60.8% of the votes are "low confidence".

On January 26, Mr. Le Kim Cuong – Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of the Hoang Anh Community Committee (Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province) said Mr. Dang Van Thanh – President of the Community Population A committee (which is in the title must take a trust vote) has a few "low confidence" up to 60.8%.

Hot 24 hours: catching arrest arrests to steal 455 cups of gold - 4

Mr. Dang Van Thanh – President of the Human Community Committee of Hoang Anh Community, which has a vote of up to 60.8%. (Photo: TTV)

Meanwhile, Mr. Le Doan Thanh – Parliamentary Vice President of Thanh Hoa City People's Council said that the "low confidence" number voted more than 60%, Mr. Dang Van Thanh must actively request the resignation of the President of the Popular Committee of the community. , if not actively requesting a resignation, the organization must suggest.

"In general, a person who has a" low faith "voice but is too much selling but does not request a resignation, the organization must consider it after suggesting it to him. As regards the organization considering and moving what to do and consult the organizing committee," Thanh said.

It is said, Mr. Dang Van Thanh is from Ham Rong Ward Thanh Hoa City. Prior to being transferred to the position of vice-secretary and president of the Human Community Committee of Hoang Anh Commune in 2017, Mr. Thanh served as President of the Ham Rong Ward Committee of People.

The youth has stolen 455 gold in 6 years has been processed

The amount of gold Tuan stolen while working at the decorative shop in Hoi An City (fifth province of Quang-Nam) was added to 455 spoons.

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