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Paul Pogba sublimated with MU

Saturday, January 26, 2019, 13:05 PM (GMT + 7)

The Old Trafford stadium is present at Paul Pogba's glittering brightness but the French high school still needs to be perfected to compete with another legend called Pablo.

The performance of Pogba in the game against Arsenal in the FA Cup fourth round of 2018/19

Mu is extremely sublimated under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with his eighth consecutive victory. "Red Devils" has just added one of six British giants, Arsenal in the FA Cup fourth round with a 3-1 score very extremely convincing. If the Norwegian teacher is the director of this wonderful performance of MU, Paul Pogba is undoubtedly the main actor.

Paul Pogba sublimation with MU - Solskjaer: What's missing Paul Scholes 2.0? - 1

Pogba shines under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

The French institute has proven why the Old Trafford team is ready to resign £ 89m to buy from Juventus. If under Mourinho, Pogba played unstable, under Ole, the French midfielder played extremely stable with consecutive help as well as goals.

Not only that, Pogba also proves to be the head of the middle belt with excellent driver's capabilities. The French midfielder broke the short piece, the long line passed the route, the exit pressed or the ball was inclined and the points were very good.

This is what fans of the "Red Devils" look forward before Paul Scholes's retirement. When MU is in danger or killing, MUV fans have expected every step or shooting of Paul and now the sensation goes back with the second Paul.

However, Pogba still has a point that can not be compared to the head of the same name, which is the possibility of ending out of the penalty. Although rated very high in the ability to shoot much more than a 25-year-old measure, it still needs to improve much.

Paul Pogba sublimation with MU - Solskjaer: What's missing Paul Scholes 2.0? - 2

Pogba still misses powerful shots like Paul Scholes

After a failed attempt to get the ball in the far corner, Pogba regularly threw a long shot into the corner of the opponent of the target at present. The French medium field managed to win 3-0 in the match against Huddersfield with this method, but it was the only time Pogba won for a long time to date.

Little diversity, shots of the 25-year average are arrested. The strength of the shots is not so strong, the doormanians easily block the ball when they know the direction.

Meanwhile, a long range is a brand that makes a name to Paul Scholes. Stressed as children, the legendary Old Trafford's "great guns" also diversified in the direction that the doormaners were often surprised to see the ball on the net.

Not only Paul Scholes gets a goal, Paul Scholes also extended the defensive when he appeared before the penalty. These are valuable spaces for the strikers to use, thus opening more attacks.

Paul Pogba did not do so at this time and the French medium field needs to perfect this ability to truly match the same height with the same name.

Arsenal - MU: Attractive pair, wonderful 2 minutes 2 goals

The two teams had an exciting duel match and had 4 goals won.

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