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Prisoners of the Labor, War Unrestricted and Social Affairs shared cars in the middle of the road

How Justice Information on the past days in Ha Tinh's network of people looking for a man dressed in courtesy: a white shirt in short pants, a control of black cars carrying Police 38N-3479 Every bag of plastic filled with rubbish from the car sent on the road and then straight up the car.

Prisoning of officials of the Work, War Improved and Social Affairs to split cars between streets - Photo 1.

The horseman's image opening the car automatically throws the buckets to the net to the net.

The community quickly found that the car owner in the clipboard was Mr. T. – former officer at Kam Xuyen's Field of Work – Invalid and Social Affairs of Kam Xuyen.

On the morning of November 22, an exchange with PV JusticeHoang Van Chuong, Chairman of Kam Xuyen's Field Committee, confirmed that the municipal authorities had come to the place just as the video was spoken.

"As the cyber community has reported, the person who has such anxious behavior is Nguyen Quoc T., a 15-year-old, Kam Xuyen Town. We urged the police officer to invite Mr. T. to the office to work, "said Chu.

According to Mr. Chu, the work process, Mr. T. accepted his bucket causing public toilets. Mr. T. stated that the reason for this ugly behavior was due to the process of the collection of houses and rubbish. When the trash was discarded, he found waste in the way.

After explaining the disruption of rubbish that causes human hygiene in the street, Kam Xuyen district's public authorities applied the Decree 155 to sanction Sir T with a point of 3 million dong.

"Mr. T. is deeply sorry, actively pays and enters the people to excuse their injustice," said Chu.

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