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The son takes her mother to "recover her youth" because of her difficult life

Two children's children took their mothers to plastic surgery, so that she did not have self-esteem in appearance.

Mr. Saowaluk Chantaphan, 60, is the mother of three children. Two of them are the most popular and beautiful actors of Thailand, Nikki Na Chat and Natasha Mouse. Spending his youth to take care of his three children, so Saowaluk was inevitably tired of many wrinkles, eyes …

"Before I did not think of care and beauty, because I was one mother, I spent most of my time in charge of my three children. When I realized that I was much older, I was then afraid to communicate with I do not want to be self-committed with my old age, "said Saowaluk on the leaf. confused

Mr. Saowaluk Chantaphan

Mr. Saowaluk-Chantapano used to be self-committing with aspects before plastic surgery. Photo: Foolish.

When understanding this misery, in 2016, two boys decided to take their mothers to plastic surgery with the desire to "make them happy".

After receiving advice from doctors, Mrs. Saowalak led a nail lift, Filler injection, filling her lips and forehead … After a slice, she looked like a ten-year-old boy, to recover her beauty as a child. girl

Encouraged by the children, every month she goes to the beautiful room to take care of the skin. She has also taken photos and has attended many shows with her son.

The only mother was taken away from her children to recover her young man. Photo: confused.

The only mother was taken away from her children "to recover her youth". Photo: Scclinic.

"I am very happy, because after a pleasant surgery, my mother was more radiant than before. When she was happy, we were also happy. Before she did not like to take pictures, but now she loves gentlemen, brings excited laughter. , "said Natasha Mouse.

"We can create happiness ourselves. When I am happy, I will deliver this positive energy to my children, friends and everyone. Thanks for my joy. They turned me into the happiest mother," said Saowalak.

The beauty of single mothers after giving them a gift. Photo: confused.

The beauty of a single mother after being given a "battery" by her children. Photo: Foolish.

On the personal page of the two children, they are always filled with happy images with their mother. Mrs. Saowalak now knows how to dress and make up, so it's more beautiful, much younger than her real age.

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