Saturday , May 8 2021

What does VFF say about the fans that there are no tickets yet to enter my Dina Stadium?

Before that, the introduction of people without the cards of some security personnel were discovered by the media on 16 November. Therefore, many supporters were protected by security guards who did not need tickets. These fans have to pay some money, which is expected to be much lower than the original purchase price.

The point of VFF is not to engage in injustice, but also to coordinate with coordination units to deal solely with the violations.

Many fans do not have tickets yet in my Dane Stadium

Many fans do not have tickets yet in my Dane Stadium

Secretary General Le Hoai Anh said: "The VFF confirmed the information and pictures of the press that some security personnel to hand over the people who do not have the tickets to see Vietnam 2-0. Malaysia is correct. It is very unfortunate that VFF is reviewing, making specific reports, before the most serious form of treatment.

According to Lu Hui Anh, security forces to protect the game to help people who do not have a ticket to my Dane Stadium to see the game, as well as some fans rocking fireworks Vietnam 2-0 Malaysia is a disadvantage and unfortunate incident in the organization of accommodations.

Also on the subject of tickets, according to Deputy Secretary-General VFF Nguyen Minh Chau, the Federation will increase the number of tickets sold online if Vietnam is entitled to knock out. Specifically, about 25,000 tickets will be sold online in the semifinal at My Dinh.

VFF also advises fans when they arrive in Vietnam to come early (at least 120 minutes in My Din and 90 minutes in Dao Dao).


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