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Young men died in a pending position under electric poles, burned papers

Saturday 26/01/2019 22:26 PM (GMT + 7)

People in the Ai village village, Di Trach community had a dozen firemen discovered a young man killed in the hanging position.

Young people die in the position of suspension under electric poles, burned papers - 1

Victim died in a hanging position at the scene.

On January 26, a police representative of the Hoai Duc district, Hanoi said the unit had investigated and explained the incident of a young man dying in the hanging position in the field in the district.

Specifically, on January 26, at the village of Ai, Di Trach community, Hoai District, Hanoi, people discovered a young man who died in a hanging position under a high voltage electric pole.

Immediately after receiving news, Hoai Duc District Police attended the scene, initially identifying victims not people. All their personal roles were burned near the scene.

"Until the 18h15 on the same day, there were still no relatives to identify the victims, we could not identify themselves," said the representative of Public Security of Hoai Duc District.

Also, according to the representative, it is not possible to confirm that the victim died of suicide or murder.

At present, Hoai Duc's police district continues to explore and explain.

The owner paneed and saw the hanged male guest, the female invited was killed

Mr. D. was found dead by the owner in a pending position, suspecting suicide written in his manual.

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