Saturday , June 19 2021

A proposal to revive corruption charges against the bosses Zinara plummets

According to his own correspondent| The Supreme Court yesterday threw out the state's appeal for the acquittal of five Zimbabwean managers, who manage corruption.

The National Public Prosecution Authority (NPA) appealed to the Supreme Court and sought to revive the corruption against the five.

Mr. Sereck Matnagabadze (CFO), Steven Mottot (CPA) and Moore Tendai Koppe (regional engineer) were removed last year from criminal abuse.

They were accused of fraud and engaging third-party companies source foreign currency in the informal market on behalf of Zinara.

The prosecution asked for permission to appeal the decision in the Supreme Court, but Judge Mary Ann Guevara stressed the request yesterday.

The prosecution charged the executives of transferring $ 2,940 558 into the bank accounts of Access Finance (Private) Limited, Greiber (Private) Ltd. and trading without a title without the approval of Zinara's board.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Tsanga on April 24 this year cleared the five wrongs.

"All five defendants are not guilty of abuse of public office in terms of Article 174 of the Criminal Code are awarded," Judge Tsanga ruled then. The court found that the five actions were the blessings of their bosses.

The boss, Mrs. Nancy Messier, was injured in a lie before the court because she was not aware of the transactions.

"We have no doubt that they acted with the full knowledge of their CEO, Ms. Nancy Siva, whose responsibility was to bring the issue to the full board," Judge Tsanga said.

"We were pleased that the CFO did report to the CEO, both in her role as CEO of Zinra and in her accompanying position in E-Link on the payments made by her.

"It was a simple lie that she was not aware of what was happening."

Judge Tsanga said it was unfair for the state to prosecute the junior officers when the superiors were aware of the transactions.

"There is no basis on which the defendants should be held responsible when what they did was with the full blessings of their superior in circumstances in which they acted in good faith.

"Targeting Jr. as a scapegoat in the alleged struggle against corruption and lending himself to selective justice may not be countenanced."

The court heard that sometime in 2011, Zinara was awarded a loan of $ 206 million by the South African Development Bank (DBSA) for the construction and reconstruction of the 823-km Long Plumtree-Mutare Road.

The NMB bank was nominated by DBSA to facilitate repayment of the loan on a quarterly basis and all hard currency income collected from Zinara's activity was given to NMB Bank, which would transfer it to DBSA.

In May last year, Matute, Kufa, Murove, Taranhike and Matengabadza allegedly sourced foreign currency from the corresponding market through Access Finance (Pvt) Ltd. Grayber (Pvt) Ltd. executives, having paid them a total of $ 2.94 million, That the payment was a DBSA refund on behalf of Zinara's payment of its loan obligations with DBSA.- State Media

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