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Amazon joining Zigbee Alliance is an important moment

Welcome to the Week in Smart Home – our round of the news that you may missed, sending you to the weekend as one of Elon Musk's great brilliant space tube.

We have news from Amazon and Google, which could be significant for the smart home – and also a host of smart homes deals. If you are looking to save money on smart home appliances, scroll down for some top choices.

Amazon joins Zigbee Alliance

Week in a smart home: Amazon joining Zigbee Alliance is an important moment

Sometimes it's the smallest fragments of news that can be the most interesting, and news that Amazon is joining the board at the Zigbee Alliance is evident. Zigbee is a technology that helps intelligent home appliances communicate – faster, more stable and using lower energy than Wi-Fi.

Amazon has accepted it for Echo Plus and 2018 Echo Show, which is a Zigbee hub that can connect executives automatically automatically. And now Amazon has a seat at the table, forming Zigbee's priorities and future decisions.

Well, it's not hard to sit at that table. You just have to be one of Zigbee's biggest customers – reports The Verge – and this only requires to send around $ 75,000 in its way annually, which is nothing. But with Amazon actually leading the smart home market now, it will now become a very influential voice.

So in real terms, what does this mean? Well, we would encourage to suggest that Amazon could double the integration of Zigbee, which could mean integrated technology in more devices – which would basically end up the idea of ​​the smart home center.

This will probably swing the smart home market along the Zigbee road, far from Z-Wave, which is the rival standard.

Other companies in the Zigbee board are SmartThings (in which Amazon now looks even paler) Signify (Philips Hue) and Comcast – so there are a lot of dollars behind the standard. Look at this space.

Week in a smart home: Amazon joining Zigbee Alliance is an important moment

Google Express receives Walmart beat

Another interesting report this week suggests that Walmart has dropped support for Google Express, the service that enables customers to buy from their Google-assisted smart speakers.

Richard Windsor at Forbes writes: "Google Express accepted on Twitter that Walmart is no longer on his website. This is not the result of sudden pain in the relationship between Google and Walmart but more about Walmart not seeing a significant volume of Google Express."

One of the great advantages of Amazon Echo and Alexa is shopping – which benefits both users and Amazon itself. Because Google has no shopping service, Express has been its way to coincide with Amazon – but it seems that the service does not get tracked. Pro Alexa.

Week in a smart home: Amazon joining Zigbee Alliance is an important moment

Fighting with Walmart this week, there is a smart lighting sale. There are deals with Lifx and TP-Link bulbs, which is good news for any emerging or hitting of our smart home. Check them out here.

TP-Link KB130 Al19 Smart Bulb – $ 29.97 (save $ 15)

LIFX A19 Smart Bulb, 75W Color LED, 1-Package $ 47.99 (save $ 12)

LIFX Mini A19 Smart Bulb, 60W Color LED, 1-Package $ 35.99 (save $ 10)

And above Amazon There are a number of great smart home deals too:

Amazon Echo Dot – $ 29.99 (save $ 20)

Lifx Mini Color A19 $ 35.99 (save $ 10)

Philips Hue starter pack, 4 bulbs and pad $ 179.99 (save $ 30)

Week in a smart home: Amazon joining Zigbee Alliance is an important moment

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