Thursday , January 21 2021

Katsvairo adhere to top Kenya side

Michelle Katsvairo is united to join the main Kenyan sides of AFC Leopards after impressing during a judicial match on Wednesday.

Katsvairo, who failed to join a team from joining Kaizer Chiefs in 2016, impressed a new leopard Nikola Kavazovic, which aims to rebuild the side in the next season.

"Today we had a foreign strikeman (Michelle Katsvairo) in trials. He played for 90 minutes, and I think we are happy. He will get the contract," aFC Leopards coach Kavazovic said after the match.

Katsvairo was released by Kaizer Chiefs early this year after a failure to impress a loan at Sindida FC in Tanzania. He tried his fate at Bocvana side of Urban Rollers.

The advance was then taken off by Caps United during the second half of the season but again failed to make an impact.



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